Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last April I sat down and told myself that I needed some sort of creative outlet. As I am my own worse critic, I have always put off using my limited skills as a writer because I don't like pressing my opinion upon people...much. One day I went to visit one of my favorite blogs If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats, and eureka! Why not start a blog about classic film since Turner Classic Movies is really the only reason you have a cable box? So, I embarked upon my classic cinema adventure and I am finding it hard to believe it's already been a year!
Watching and learning about America's cinema history, documenting my thoughts, and reading all the other wonderful blogs on similar subjects has been such a delight and I kick myself for not having thought of blogging sooner.
What I have found by having this blog is how limited my knowledge was on all the wonderful performers, directors and producers of the past. Looking back on my posts for favorite actors, actresses and directors, and movies I am amazed at how much it's changed! The biggest change being my willingness to watch movies from the fifties and sixties, eras that I still find questionable but no longer abhor- which, for me, is really saying something.

Favorite Actors Favorite Actresses Favorite Director Favorite Movie


William Powell Joan Crawford John Ford The Quiet Man

John Wayne Bette Davis

Claude Rains Norma Shearer

Lionel Barrymore Maureen O'Hara

George Sanders Myrna Loy

Gary Cooper Irene Dunne

Clark Gable

George Brent

Cary Grant

Lee Marvin

Richard Burton


Fredric March Myrna Loy Ernst Lubitsch Design for Living

William Powell Joan Blondell William Wyler

Robert Montgomery Constance Bennett Frank Capra

Melvyn Douglas Billie Burke John Ford

Brian Aherne Bette Davis

George Sanders Joan Crawford

James Cagney Ginger Rogers

Humphrey Bogart Greer Garson

Frank McHugh Patricia Neal

John Wayne Norma Shearer

Claude Rains

Frank Morgan

Spencer Tracy

Since embarking upon my adventure, I have documented to the best of my knowledge all classic cinema I have watched ending with the year 1979. Don't asked me why I picked that year, I don;t know myself. Thus far I have watched only 410 movies with the bulk of them being from my favorite years of 1930-1949.


  1. Happy first Blogbirthday Sarah! :D

  2. Your blog has been one of my favourites on Classic Film for a while...blogging is also a really great 'creative' way to spend your days.

    Hopefully you have lots more 'Blogbirthday's' too come:)


  3. Sarah, I love reading your reviews. So many good recommendations. Keep up the great work.

  4. Congratulations and happy anniversary! I have enjoyed becoming familiar with your blog recently.

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks guys! I just wish I had more time for it sometimes!

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