Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TCM Oscar Party Pack!

I have received my TCM Oscar Party Pack thanks to the thoughtfulness of Deana from YouCast! I was so excited that I decided on the spot to throw a viewing party with a bit of a twist. I'm going to invite my friends over for martinis and a movie that a Beyond the Valley of the Dolls screening. For anyone who has had the misfortune of not seeing this film, I would suggest you rent it or better yet, buy it tout suite. Some of you may be wondering why you haven't seen Beyond the Valley of the Dolls amongst the Academy Awards lists for best movie or indeed any category. That's because Russ Meyer was robbed and Marcia McBroom's talent was totally overlooked! I mean, anyone who can make or act in a movie that was so horribly, terribly, wonderfully awful (I mean we're talking pausing and rewinding at several junctures in the film to recapture the hilarity and chaos that ensues) deserves an award and why not a highly regarded one? So, there's the twist. An Oscar party featuring a non-Oscar nominated film. I can't wait! Where are my go-go boots and Strawberry Alarm Clock albums?

Side note:
Ironically, this was one of only a few (I wonder why?) screen plays the legendary film critic Roger Ebert wrote.


  1. I remember seeing this back in the 90's. It was pure camp. I was amazed at the depths they sunk to with this film and to boot written by Roger Ebert. But I could stand to watch it again. Can I get an invite? I hope you guys have fun. I believe you will, the martinis will help.

  2. I literally chuckled out loud when I read this. I cannot wait for this party, and I am so pleased that you not only let me share this gem of a movie with you in the first place, but that you adore as I do so much that you have chosen it for your party. By the way, I'm a terrible friend because this is the first time I've seen this blog. This amazing...I love what you've done with the place! My mother will shit herself over this. I'm going to have to share your link with her.