Monday, January 11, 2010

Fidgety and funny...

I always categorize Roland Young, Charles Ruggles, and Frank Morgan in this category. They had a flair for playing highly comical creatures with nervous habits and it's always a joy to see their name in the billing.


  1. I love Charles Ruggles! Cute post, their "fidgety" qualities definitely add to their comedy. :) Another that comes to my mind is Edward Everett Horton, tends to be super nervous and fidgety.

  2. Love em all!

    Favorite performances: Roland Young: Philadelphia Story. Must we ride in this contraption. Wouldn't we be more comfortable on pogo sticks.

    Charles Ruggles: Bringing Up Baby. His shocking lack of fire arms safety is only to be outdone by his leopard impersonation.

    Frank Morgan: The Good Fairy. He's wonderful as the slightly sweet, mostly lecherous millionaire. When he and Reginald Owen square off, that's my favorite scene in the film.

  3. haha perfect description of them!! :-D

  4. VV- You are so right, Edward Everett Horton is another great example!

    Jennythenipper- I haven't seen The Good Fairy but I totes agree on the first two. They usually had great one-liners and a wonderful sense of how to say them effectively.

  5. Great category! I love them all! The description also brings to mind Donald Meek. Great post!

  6. Och! Sally that's another good one!