Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Before & After: Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler was best known for her on-screen coupling with Dick Powell in several musicals in the thirties.

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  1. Ruby Keeler was a beautiful, wonderful girl. I loved her very much in her 1930s Busby Berkeley films with her very often co starring with Dick Powell. My very favorite was Ruby in "I only have eyes for you" in "Dames". She was wonderful in every part of that number; her walking and singing happily with Powell down the street and to the subway, her closing her eyes still smiling sweetly while resting her head on Powell's shoulders, Powell dreaming of 25-30 pictures of Ruby, Ruby and 25-30 lookalikes dancing and singing so beautifully in those very nice white dresses, then the Busby patterns, and then Powell carrying Ruby home. Ruby was so beautiful, sweet and charming in all of it. The older picture of Ruby above is also very nice. She looks like there like the sweet, kindly elderly woman you see in that nice house with the flower gardens and white picket fences on the pretty suburban lane under the shade of the oak trees and willows. Ruby was a wonderful person all her life.