Wednesday, April 13, 2011

S&G: A taste of trivia...

So I downloaded Yolanda Be Cool  & DCUP's remixed version of We Speak No Americano a couple of weeks ago because the song and video are awesome!! Then the other day I happened to take a look at the album cover when it popped up on my new iPod touch (which is also awesome) and I noticed one of the figures looked familiar. After a little research, I realized by initial guess had been right- it was Clark Gable.

But from what movie? Can you guess?

Here's a little help...


  1. It happened in Naples , Clark Gable , Vittorio De Sica , Sophia Loren

  2. Dafne! You're right and that makes you awesome!

  3. Thanks , Sarah !
    Please, visit my site, ,
    about Frank Sinatra , of course!
    You´re welcome!