Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oscar Party Pack Giveaway {Winner}!

The winner is Tom from Motion Picture Gems!! Tom I have your address and have passed it on. You should receive your package soon.

I would like to thank both Tom and Monty (from All Good Things) for participating in my trivia quiz. You both were close but not quite close enough. However, Tom, you got the most answers correct. Please find the correct answers to the quiz below.

Trivia Quiz:

1. Howard Hawks was nominated for Best Director only once in his career. What was the name and year of the film?

Sergeant York 1941

2. How many times was Cary Grant nominated for Best Actor? What were the names and years of the films?

Penny Serenade 1941

None But the Lonely Heart 1944

3. What are the names of the eight films that Katharine Hepburn was nominated Best Actress for but did not win?

Alice Adams

The Philadelphia Story
Woman of the Year
The African Queen
The Rainmaker
Suddenly Last Summer
Long Days Journey Into Night

4. Academy Award-wise, how are Hawks and Grant similar?

Grant and Hawks both received an Honorary Award from the Academy.

5. How many Academy Award Ceremonies did Hepburn attend?

Just once and that was to present her longtime friend Lawrence Weingarten with the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.


  1. Congratulations Tom! Good job. Thanks Sarah for the great quiz.

  2. Thanks Sarah and Monty! Great quiz!