Thursday, July 1, 2010

S& G: Zay~Soo! Get it right!

ZaSu Pitts is best remembered as the fretful and flustered spinster she often played in her later career. In fact, it's said that Mae Questel caricatured Pitts's voice and "Oh, dear" mannerisms for the character Olive Oyl for the animated cartoon version of Popeye the Sailor.
However, it should be noted that Pitts was quite good at both drama and comedy with comedy, perhaps a little to her disappointment, being her biggest draw.
As to her unusual name, Mary Pickford once told her many would mispronounce it and she was correct. ZaSu comes from the names of her mother's sisters Eliza and Susan. It has been incorrectly spelled as Zazu Pitts or Zasu Pitts in many film credits and articles. Perhaps Thelma Todd can shed a little light...

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  1. I really enjoyed this. Lovely way to kick off an afternoon.