Friday, November 13, 2009

Classic Film Survey!!

Thanks to Amanda from Noodle in a Haystack! I love a good survey! Here are my answers:

1. What is your all-time favorite Clark Gable movie? It Happened One Night.

2. Do you like Joan Crawford best as a comedienne or a drama-queen? Drama queen! Nothing like Joan turning on the waterworks.

3. In your opinion, should Ginger Rogers have made more musicals post-Fred Astaire? I have only seen one Rogers and Astaire collaboration and the name of the film escapes me. I will say that I found her especially adorable in Gold Diggers of 1933.

4. I promise not to cause you bodily (or any other serious) harm if you don't agree with me on this one. So please be honest: do you like Elizabeth Taylor? Hm? I have always been indifferent to Taylor. I think she was lauded for her beauty first and her talent second. Though I do think she gave a wonderful performance in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Absolutely wonderful.

5. Who is your favorite offscreen Hollywood couple? Fredric March and Florence Eldridge.

6. How about onscreen Hollywood couple? William Powell and Myrna Loy.

7. Favorite Jean Arthur movie? The Ex-Mrs. Bradford.
8. What was the first Gregory Peck movie you saw? The Yearling.

9. What film made you fall in love with Alfred Hitchcock? (And for those of you that say, "I don't like Hitchcock" -- what is wrong with you?!) Vertigo. Love Vertigo.

10. What is your favorite book-to-movie adaption? The Thin Man. Although I would like to see how A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with Joan Blondell was adapted. It was a favorite of mine growing up.

11. Do you prefer Shirley Temple as a little girl or as a teenager? Little girl.

12. Favorite character actor? Geraldine Page.

13. Favorite Barbara Stanwyck role? Sugarpuss O’Shea from Ball of Fire. You dig my crazy jive? Let's drum boogie!

14. Who is your favorite of Cary Grant's leading ladies? Oh! Hard one! Katharine Hepburn followed very closely by Irene Dunne.

15. Bette Davis or Joan Crawford? Seriously. This is getting harder. Joan Crawford.

16. What actors and/or actresses do you think are underrated? Off the top of my head: Fredric March, Constance Bennett, Miriam Hopkins, Walter Brennan, Marie Prevost, Agnes Moorehead, Geraldine Page, Joan Blondell.

17. What actors and/or actresses do you think are overrated? Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.

18. Do you watch movies made pre-1980 exclusively, or do you spice up your viewing-fare with newer films? Mostly classic thanks to TCM!

19. Is there an actor/actress who you have seen in a film and immediately loved? If so, who? Fredric March, Design for Living (noticing a trend yet?)

20. Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire? Fred Astaire. Why? Really haven't seen a full film of Gene Kelly's but I have seen and do love Holiday Inn.

21. Favorite Ginger Rogers drama? Closest thing to drama I have seen her in is Stage Door.

22. If you wrote a screenplay, who would be in your dream cast and what roles would they play? (Mixing actors and actresses from different generations is allowed: any person from any point in their career.)
Four characters- definitely a comedy:
Main male lead: William Powell
Second male lead: Robert Benchley
Main female lead: Rosalind Russell
Second female lead: Miriam Hopkins

23. Favorite actress? Joan Crawford

25. Favorite actor? Fredric March

26. And now, the last question. What is your favorite movie from each of these genres:
Drama: A Star is Born (1937 version)

Romance: The Quiet Man

Musical: Meet Me in St. Louis

Comedy: Design for Living

Western: The Outlaw Josey Wales

Hitchcock (he has a genre all to himself): Vertigo

Tonight on TCM!
Woman Of The Year (1942)Opposites distract when a sophisticated political columnist falls for a sportswriter. Cast: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Fay Bainter, Reginald Owen Dir: George Stevens


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