Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Fairbanks-Crawfords

Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. first met in 1927 when both stars were working on different movies both co-starring John Gilbert. However, it wasn't until 1928 that they started to get to know one another better. At first Crawford thought Fairbanks was a stuffed shirt. They came from completely different backgrounds- she was poor and working her way up to stardom and he was heir to the former king of Hollywood- Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Needless to say, some did not approve of the the union. Crawford at first, was just looking for a little fun, she was three to four (depending on the real date of birth) years older than Fairbanks Jr. and sexually more advanced. I'd like to believe that their marriage was based on love and respect but Fairbanks could just have easily been another rung in the ladder to her success. He knew all the right people, he was invited to all the grand events. Their marriage only lasted four years. Crawford was rumored to be having an affair with Clark Gable as early as 1930. Despite the divorce, they did remain friends until her death.

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